Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature Walks

I was fortunate to be able to go for a walk in the park over lunch today. (I'm sensitive to the heat and sun, so many summer walks have to be in the early morning or after sunset.) Today was a perfect day with a nice breeze and some clouds.

Walks are great for getting out of your head, out of your stress, and noticing the world around you. I especially like being able to walk the same areas regularly. It gives me a chance to enjoy the daily and seasonal changes, watching ducklings and goslings grow up, anticipating the return of the red-wing blackbirds in the spring, all the good stuff. :)

Today's list of notables, in no particular order, includes:
Oodles of robins
Multitudes of red-winged blackbirds
Geese and goslings
Mallard ducks and ducklings
Wood ducks and ducklings
An egret
A great blue heron
A loon
Painted turtles
Wild irises (my all-time favoritest flower!)
Mourning doves

Enjoy your nature!

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